Commercial Lighting

Commercial led lighting application areas and usage

Commercial led lighting application areas include Public spaces Road and street, Tunnels, Sport complex, Parks, , office shopping malls, Monuments, offices, building, office complex, office parking, cinema halls, warehouses, healthcare, hospitality, petrol pumps, food and large retailers, showrooms like jewelers, fabrics, curtains, mines, tunnels etc.

We at Delta Luminaries sell and trade commercial led space lighting like led down lighters and light fixtures which further have lighting required indoor/commercial interior lighting and outdoor requirements/ commercial exterior lighting.

Commercial lighting includes Recessed lighting and Surface lighting. The Led round panels and led square panels, spike lights, surface lights, led COB light.


Commercial led Lighting Benefits and advantages over conventional led lights

Commercial spaces are suggested above have long working hours, productivity goes in these areas around more than 12 hours to around 24hours nonstop as well. Such places thus need and require nonstop energy consumption and day feel.

  1. Commercial lighting for indoor and outdoor commercial spaces save’s energy consumption with over 85% over the old conventional techniques.
  2. It enhances the productivity, comfortable environment, soothing atmosphere, enhanced look and feel as a part of commercial exterior lighting
  3. It develops and transforms the environment for example the lighting in bar, club and restaurants are different than lighting in office complexes and cinema Halls.
  4. Deliver favorable and within the context information to people in illuminated space.
  5. The expenses in operations, bills and work environment changes with improved interiors and exteriors in specific with commercial industrial lighting.
  6. Beautifully designed and intelligently managed public commercial lighting helps communities prosper by attracting visitors, and giving tourists
  7. Connected lighting creates scalable, fully integrated solutions that guarantee the best possible experiences for visitors.



“What are the Types of Commercial led Lighting?



  1. Flood light fixtures are used for sport events, car parking spaces, outdoor events, and more.
  2. Fluorescent High Bays – High bay fixtures are best for commercial and industrial spaces. Choose from compact fluorescent, LED fixtures for High bay area’s
  3. LED landscape lighting. Illuminate your landscape with energy-efficient led landscape lighting which includes led bullets, led pathway lights, led step lights, LED in-ground well lights.
  4. LED Downlight instead of Halogens –Energy efficient, great for focus LED downlights are used widely for lighting in homes, offices and public facilities and has a lot of ease in installation. A standard halogen downlighter uses 55 watts, but you can purchase LED alternatives ranging from 4.5 watts to 14 watts
  5. LED Track Light - LED track light, generally used in shopping mall store, mainly focusing on the mannequins, pictures, frames, wall framing . It has the effect of accent lighting. We can choose concentrating effect of track light, the beam angle of this light is not too big, and it will make the function of LED track light more fully point.
  6. Led Walkover Light - Walkover lights are also called underground recessed lighting for purpose of highlighting like in malls, complexes and public roads by Traffic police to show roads diversions.
  7. LED Surface Spike Light - LED Spike Light - Light Emitting Diode Spike Light Traders, Cob LED Spike Light, Outdoor LED Spike Lights in India | LED Garden Lighting
  8. Drive Over - drive over lights, garden drive lights, garden path lights all fall under garden lighting which is majorly embraced with Drive over lights, the fountains area, the beautiful status and monuments have these.
  9. Wall Washer Round - Open Recessed LED Wall Washer, Open LED Surface Mounted Wall Washer, LED Wall Washer provides uniform indirect lighting that draws attention to a large area, and helps to de-emphasize textures while cleaning up blemishes on vertical surfaces and walls. It enhances architectural designs of other specific applications: Cove Lighting and Wall Grazing.
  10. Led COB Downlight - COB (Chips on Board), constitutes of LED packaging for LED light engine. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module. When it light up, it looks like a lighting panel
  11. Canopy Fixtures and lighting – Used and successful in underpasses, parking garages. 12) Under the cabinet lights - Used successfully in kitchen, wardrobe, lightning computer desks, office spaces, coves and shelves as well.
  12. Recessed led lighting - recessed led light fixture is mounted inside the ceiling, leaving only the bulb, trim and/or lens exposed.