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We deal in LED light bulbs, LED  strip light, LED flood light, LED  lamp, LED Light Bulb, LED Downlight, LED Spotlight, LED Track Light.The products and range that we have is of premum quality and proces are very much scaled as per competitive industry.

We like to work for industries, commercial spaces, commercial offices, residential, interior designers, Government projects like Railways, banks, street lights etc .Our intense work over the period of time has given us strength in terms of dealing on projects basis with our trading unit running in Naraina, Delhi.

If you are looking for more information on led lights please read this from wikipedia and if you want to know how to choose best led lights then please keep on reading our blog

Led Light Fittings are easily available in markets near you. Different led light fittings manufacturers and suppliers in India are selling the fittings and fixtures and most are selling China cheap led light fittings. Now, it gets difficult for a consumer on

How to choose the Led light fittings for lighting purpose?

Which explains How to make sure the circuit, driver and led lights they are choosing are good and the lumens or the light will not depreciate much over the period of next six months.

Choosing best light fittings and light fittings manufacturer of India for Interior of spaces and Outdoor spaces are different concept altogether. Points which need to be considered are :-


1) Space available - The space available specifies the area which needs lighting fittings and fixtures, if space is large then more lighting at spread is required and wattage of led light from 9watt to 12 watt can be easily chosen, any wattage below that will not bring the sufficient results. If area is small, then choosing wattage of 6watt or 3 watt can be considered 6watt led light fittings bring good results in small area. This whole we are talking about panel led lighting like Square led panel and Round led panel light fittings. For spaces like cinema Hall, Parking lots, Basement area it’s better to take bigger ones.

2) Budget available - If you are looking for cheap light fittings with no warranty then, make sure that the circuit and driver are decent enough to sustain no warranty product as it gives o surety. However, we always recommend to be decent with your budget only because, a product which has warranty will cover up with no warranty products in fewer months itself as it will last long, will give better lumens spread and would save on bills and energy consumption as well.


3) Design suitability – Designs are your own choice, you can easily choose them as per your requirements and what looks good to you. The led lamps, Panels, Cob lighting and many other fittings comes in different shapes and designs. Designs which are sleek looks good although


4) Specification of Space where they need to be installed - Say a LED light fittings is required on wardrobe, then you must go with cob lighting. Lighting for room must be done with panels of shape square led light panels or round led light panels. TV Panel can be done at back with strip lighting. Indirect lighting can be done within pop ceiling as strip lighting. Strip led lights can be used multipurpose way on beds, panel backs and dining tables etc. Thus such considerable items need to be kept in mind before making your final choice of light fittings. Always, keep under consideration such few pointers. If you have any questions on this you can drop an email to us on the same we will be happy to help you.


Tube Light Fittings Usage and Different forms of Tube Lights

Tube light fittings can be used in wall lighting; kitchen lighting can be bought in led lighting concept. These save a lot of energy and highlight the spaces with led lighting very well. Tube light fittings are generally in demand for 4 feet tube light fitting and sometimes 2 feet tube light fitting. These fittings are in different designs and some of the most sold designs are T5 and T8 light fittings which are used as kitchen light fittings, wall light fitting.


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Delta Luminaries incorporated in Feb 2015 with its base of operations in Delhi, has been dealing in complete range of Lighting Luminaries by the name of DELTA & DELTA LUMINARIES. The company has a countrywide presence of its products and having the vast network of dealers and distributors. The company’s parent company Lumen Control (I) Pvt. Ltd. Incorporated in January 1992 had been serving to many big OEM’s in India and now it has broadened its field of operations by diversifying the main company into two parts the first of which "Delta Luminaries .

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